Roll Stands

All roll stands are NOT created equal. The Rafter roll stands, both driven and idle, incorporate many small, seemingly inconsequential features that greatly improve the usability and serviceability of the machine.

Driven Roll Stands

Roll stands are designated by the roll shaft diameter. For example, our RT-1000 stand is a 1″ shaft machine, and our RT-8000 stand is an 8″ shaft machine. Our single-point adjustment (SPA) top roll shaft adjustment has essentially become a standard feature on all new mills. It also can easily be retrofitted to your existing mill – whether it’s a Rafter machine or not.

The Rafter SPA design can be further enhanced with the addition of power adjustment. This can be a simple open-loop, operator controlled feature or a full-blown, closed-loop, recipe-type setup system. We’ve done them both!

Idle Side Roll Stands

With today’s more demanding products, the need for a stronger idle side roll stand has never been more apparent. The Rafter idler stands have been refined to provide the best combination of strength and usability. We offer both a tie-bar design and a quick-change “flip-top” design.