Weld Bead Upset Equipment

Weld Bead Upset Trimmers

Bead trimmers are used to “scarf” or trim the weld bead upset from the tube after high-frequency induction (HFI) or high-frequency contact (HFC) welding. We offer both single-tool and tandem dual-tool versions.

Our latest design include several improvements to that keep the unit running trouble-free. These include a sealed slide assembly with way covers and specially coating slide block for extra hardness. Tool height adjustments have been relocated to the bottom away from the bead winding path.

Weld Bead Upset

Weld Bead Winders

Bead winders are used to accumulate the trimmed weld bead upset into a bundle for easier disposal. Our bead winders are include variable rotation speed control and a powered bundle “push-off” feature. As the wound bead cools, it hardens and shrinks inward onto the winder tines making it difficult for the operator to remove it. The push-off feature breaks the bundle free for easy removal.

Weld Bead Shredding

Although very simple and reliable, bead winders require the operator to handle the hot, sharp, and unpredictable trimmed bead. Bead shredders offer a much safer alternative. Shredders are practically hands-free, offer extremely long tool life, and produce a more valuable scrap material.

Weld Bead Nickers