Weld Squeeze Boxes

Over recent years, Rafter has become the market leader in weld squeeze boxes — especially in mill retrofit situations. Our ability to customize the weld box to a particular application and for a specific installation is second to none. Our HFC and HFI weld boxes employ a robust “push-on-center” design whenever possible and are better suited for today’s demanding applications. ​

Small HFI Weld Squeeze Boxes

For weld boxes from 1/2″ to 5″ (12.7 to 127 mm) OD, we offer 2-roll, 3-roll, and 4-roll weld squeeze box solutions. Our latest designs utilize “dead spindle” design with bearings within the roll tools. For certain direct-welded profile applications, a 5-roll arrangement is often preferable.

Large HFI/HFC Weld Squeeze Boxes

For weld boxes above 5″ (127 mm) OD, we employ exclusively 4-roll and 5-roll arrangements. Dead spindle with push-on-center technology is standard. In addition, we add removable head-roll assemblies for both quick-change capability and ease of access to the lower roll tools. These larger boxes often include absolute roll position feedback with recipe storage.

TIG/Plasma/Laser Weld Squeeze Boxes

Our TIG, plasma, and laser weld boxes offer internal water-cooling circuits and height adjustable rolls.


“Three Common In-Line Welding Technologies Used in Roll Forming Applications”