Seam Orientation Units

Seam orientation units are used to control or position the welded seam on round tube and pipe after it is welded (e.g., hold at 12 o’clock orientation). This can be beneficial for the following applications:

  • Keeping the weld seam under the induction bar when in-line seam annealing.
  • Keeping the weld seam under the inspection sensor when in-line non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • Keeping the weld seam in the proper location when reshaping rounds into squares & rectangles.
  • Keeping the weld seam in a consistent location for improved and more consistent straightness.
Seam Orientation Units
Seam Orientation Units

Actual manager and operator comments on a recent installation:

  • “Once I got the hang of it, I found it to be pretty predictable, straight forward, and responsive (but not too sensitive).”
  • “I think this thing is my new best friend.”
  • “Can we use this even if we have no customer weld seam requirement? I want to use it all the time.”
  • “I think I can keep round tube straighter if I can keep the weld towards 12:00. Please buy tooling for the rounds.”
  • “It’s rare that a new piece of equipment is greeted so eagerly.”