Rollforming Equipment

Rafter has an exclusive strategic partnership with Camasi Máquinas e Equipamentos to expand its offering of advanced rollforming equipment in North America. This enables us to offer end-to-end, turn key solutions to more customers in the growing rollforming market.

Both companies offer extensive machine design experience in their respective markets. As a key component of the partnership, Rafter will be highly involved in the design and build requirements to meet the specifications of North American customers. In addition, Rafter will provide after-sales service and support for all equipment supplied through the partnership. By combining Camasi’s extensive process experience with Rafter’s industry knowledge and strong reputation, customers will achieve the best of both worlds in terms of robust, cost-effective equipment built to provide long-term solutions.

​Equipment Offerings

  • Uncoilers, Payoff Reels, and Coil Cars
  • Strip Levelers with Servo Roll Feeds
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Pre-Punch Presses
  • Rollforming Machines (1½” to 4”Ø Shaft Sizes)
  • Hydraulic Cutoff Machines
  • Wing Benders
  • Spot Welding
  • Material Handling

​Industries Served

  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Storage Racks, Shelves, and Displays
  • Metal Building Products
  • Appliances
  • Agriculture
  • Furniture
Rollforming Machine
Roll Forming Line

​Camasi Máquinas e Equipamentos is a Brazilian manufacturer of high quality strip entry equipment, servo roll feeds, levelers, pre-punching presses, rollforming machines, hydraulic cutoff presses, rollforming tooling, and other related rollforming machinery. Started in 2009, Camasi has provided more than 100 rollforming machines to the South American markets.


“Three Common In-Line Welding Technologies Used in Roll Forming Applications”

    For those with older second-hand machines, the following legacy documents may be of some use to you.

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    Rafter Machine Double-Housing Roll Formers