Strongsville, Ohio, USA, December 28, 2017 – Rafter Equipment Corporation has shipped a pair of RT-2500S Driven Reshaping Roll Stands to a major North American stainless steel tube manufacturer. The equipment was the final piece of a series of mill upgrades the customer used reconfigure an old TIG welded mill into a new HFI welded mechanical tube mill. The stands will reshape round tubing formed with a bottom-of-tube constant datum into equivalent squares & rectangles with a constant centerline datum. The maximum reshaped tube will be 2½” square x 0.135” wall thickness.

The stands represent a new design with increased robustness and easier setup and operation. The company worked with the customer to determine what improvements could be made over the previous design while still keeping within the original budget.


Rafter RT-2500S Driven Reshaping Roll Stands