Strongsville, Ohio, USA, February 16, 2018 – Rafter Equipment Corporation has shipped an RT-4000S single-sided turkshead straightener with 2-axis motorized adjustments to a major North American heavy-wall tube producer. The turkshead is capable of straightening up to 3.500″ OD x 0.300″ wall (88.9mm OD x 7.6mm wall) tubing. It includes motorized up/down and left/right adjustment so that tube straightness can be controlled from a remote downstream position using a simple joystick device. Linear displacement transducers (LDTs) indicate movement and position for optimum straightness control on the included remote operator’s console.

The turkshead includes a removable faceplate design that allows for the roll tooling to be exchanged offline while laying down. A second faceplate was included for enhanced quick-change capabilities.


RT-4000S Single-Sided Turkshead Straightener with 2-Axis Motorized Adjustment