Strongsville, Ohio, USA, March 30, 2018 – Rafter Equipment Corporation has shipped an RT-3000 Single-Tool HFI Weld Bead Upset Trimmer with Bead Winder to a North American custom roll form parts producer. The equipment includes a cam actuated quick-lift feature to raise and lower the trimming tool automatically when the mill stops or manually when a coil end joint passes underneath. The use of a cam motion locks the tool in the down position mechanically. It also returns the tool to the preset trimming position automatically after it has been raised. The lower support roll tool was contoured to match the direct-welded profile section. ​

Rafter RT-3000 Single-Toll HFI Weld Bead Trimmer with Winder
The Bead Winder is mounted to the top surface of the trimmer. It includes a variable speed motor with a slip clutch mechanism for optimum tension control. This feature greatly reduces bead breakage during winding. A pneumatic push-off mechanism breaks the cooled bundle free of the winder tines for easy disposal.